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3A Molecular Sieves

3A molecular sieve,sometimes also known as 3A zeolite molecular sieve,is a kind of potassium-sodium aluminosilicate with LTA-type skeleton structure which is composed of silicon-oxygen and aluminum-oxygen tetrahedrons.The main crystal hole of the 3A molecular sieve is an eight-membered ring structure, and the crystal pore size is 3Å (0.3nm).This kind of Molecular Sieve is mainly used to adsorb water, and does not adsorb any molecule with a diameter larger than 3A. According to the characteristics of industrial applications, the molecular sieve 3A produced by Fulong has faster adsorption speed, more regeneration times, higher crushing strength and stronger wear resistance,which greatly improves the utilization efficiency of molecular sieves and prolongs the service life of molecular sieves. It is the first choice desiccant necessary for deep drying,refining and polymerization of gas and liquid phases in petroleum and chemical industries.3A molecular sieves are usually used in ethylene, propylene, butadiene, methanol, ethanol, natural gas, cracked gas, refrigerant dehydration, etc.